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About daco.tech

This project was born when I decided to learn about managing an online web server.

Before that, I worked for months on my intranet. That project was called intra.lab.

When I was faced with the decision of choosing a domain name for my server, I decided to call it extralab. Later on, I settled with the name daco.tech.

What is daco.tech exactly?

  • First of all, it's a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • It's running CentOS 7
  • It's a LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)
  • It's hosting several websites. This Wiki (obviously), but also a Zabbix monitoring server, and Peter's website (PHP development)

What's the goal of daco.tech?

  • Teaching myself about Linux
  • Teaching myself about security and best practices in the industry
  • Creating a website for hosting my documentation
  • Creating a portfolio for employers